Color color and more color

I have been thinking a lot about wedding colors lately, and I always thought that two colors were a must. We love pink and navy, then there is red and black….yellow and grey…..teal and silver…..purple and green…..etc. I got so hung up on what everything should look like and tradition ….I feel as though I need to focus more on what I want. Why two colors? Why not three or four? Or how about one and have monochrome dresses? Instead of giving colors names, give color groups. Like “sorbet/pastel/spring” type colors that are light and airy. I think they are beautiful together:




soft and light! if course you could go with bolder colors, I saw a wedding where they used bright colors and had their wedding at the beach and somehow they matched perfectly! In the fall you could have rustic colors like burgundy and golds.

Then there is winter weddings. Part of of me LOVES the idea of a winter wedding, to me a winter wedding you be lavish and bold. Emeralds, sapphires, rubies…. I always thought that if I had a winter wedding I would make it as though we were old school Russian royalty with lots of fur and jewels….just over the top! beauuuuutifulllll…







XOXO – Heather Julia


Kate Spade love….


Nothing starts a day better than a brand new Kate Spade coffee mug that tells you to eat cake for breakfast. just fabulous! I have always liked Kate Spade products but I think lately my “like” went turbo “obsessed”. Take this mug for example. I mean- COME ON…it tells you to eat CAKE for breakfast AND has pink on it….do I really need to say more. It doesn’t hurt that the fabulous didn’t stop at the mug- it flowed into the packaging also! From pink ribbon and golden accents….this is a winning designer in my book!

And I mean…look at this necklace! This beautifully simple and delicate necklace. Perfect for a new bride … 😉


….on the flip side it is Thursday and I am exhausted! Gooooood night my wonderful bloggers !

XOXO – Heather Julia

hello beautiful skin….


…and so I say…TAKE THAT! to horrible skin…. I finally caved and made the commitment – Clarisonic Mia 2 in Hot Pink! I had been thinking about it for a while, but the price tag kept putting me off. My face isn’t the worst in the whole world, but I want to spend less time with make up and more time having naturally beautiful skin. I started wearing make up waaaaay too early and I get anxious whenever I don’t have on some sort of cover-up. I am a certified Skin Care Specialist and I gotta say- after starting my new office job I have not been good to my skin. When I was an active Skin Care Specialist for Clarins I had no option- my skin had to be beautiful and natural at all times. Now that I am in an office where I have less than desirable lighting and stare at a computer screen all day, my focus hasn’t been on looking my best. Between not being on my feet as much, the constant office snacking, and holding a phone to my face- my skin is just SCREAMING and in full rebellion!

Well….I heard many good things about this and in an effort to clear up what is going on now and keep clear for the wedding- I got it! I was going to purchase it from Macy’s, they have an amazing return policy…however Sephora had it in a Hot Pink and black lace Kit and not to mention I got all sorts of samples- no brainer there!

Wish me luck!!

XOXHeather Julia

Bridesmaid dresses

helllllloooo gorgeous bloggers!

Long time no write, I know! It has been hectic this last week and I have finally had an opportunity to sit down and just…breathe…ahhh…. Unfortunately what has kept me busy isn’t anything fun to do with the wedding, in fact I haven’t had time to think of the wedding until today. I reminded myself of my first bridal show coming up in September and even though it seems a long way away, with the way time has been going it won’t be that far!

anywho…. I think it is bridesmaid dress day and I have a few favorites to share!


These are my latest favorites….from the riffles to the bows…obsessed! Unfortunately that type of material is not nice for any curves or imperfections so my bridesmaids may not be too happy with me if I chose these!


My lovely sister found this one, and up until I saw the previous dress this was my favorite. I love the floral detail and the mixture of lace and chiffon ….a style that I hope mimics the feeling of my own dream dress. It is beautiful and doesn’t look like the normal bridesmaid dress.

Here are a few other favorites, and I have tried to indicate where each dress is found somewhere in the picture. For the most part they are Allure, Bari Jay, and Mori Lee.
















XOXO –Heather Julia

Venue mania…

Hi there!…I hope y’all are enjoying the weekend so far, Friday couldn’t have come any sooner. My best friend and Matron of Honor grabbed me after work and we went and had a chocolate Martini night and ohhhhh my goodness….if you haven’t had one- it is time to go out there and try. I am not a heavy drinker, but I tell you what…I am soooo glad it is expensive to make good chocolate martinis or else they would be my dessert, every night!


The only thing I would change for our next Martini Night is use Godiva chocolate liqueur, we thought would save some money by getting a different brand but apparently that was not a great decision. Oh well, they were delicious!

Matthew and I have been thinking a lot lately about where we want to have the wedding, it is our first step in the planning process. Once we pick where, then we can pick when and start booking the photographer, DJ, caterer, etc. So far I have fallen in love with Regents Glen, a Georgian style mansion in York(PA). Here are few photos from their package packet:



Another favorite, however completely different in style and feel is the Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster. It has these beautiful and vintage event spaces that could be absolutely beautiful! The only downfall here is no outside options, it is all inside. I would love to have my ceremony outside! The flip side is that we would never have to worry what the weather is like, and could even do a winter wedding!



Lauxmont Farms in Wrightsville is a gorgeous wedding venue with many outside options. Personally this one would most likely be my second choice because they have gorgeous outside and inside options. The possibilities are endless with this one…




That’s all for now….but there are several other options I will talk about later

have a great weekend !

XOXO Heather Julia



My baby came today!. …oh she’s hot pink and gooooorgeous! I am so excited about this camera, it isn’t a fancy DSLR but it’s not just a simple point and shoot either. I am just thrilled to think about how wonderful the pictures are going to turn out! buuuuuut…. This is what I affectionately like to consider a blonde moment….I forgot to get a memory card! I ordered one off Amazon, it will be here Friday. I figured I wasn’t going to have time to go out til Saturday so I might as well order one online and have it waiting for me when I got home Friday…..

anywho…I had a pretty good day at work. I officially graduated back in December and then took on my first ‘big girl’ job April 1st. It isn’t necessarily where I want to be for the rest of my life, but it is experience and a paycheck and perhaps an opportunity to find what I really want to do. What I do know is that having a degree in Psychology gets you nowhere….so a Masters Degree is in the near future….but again, I need to figure out what I want to do exactly before throwing more money at the greedy, evil education system. I went into it all thinking I would come out with my Masters in Family and Marriage Therapy….but it just doesn’t sound as appealing after it was all said and done. I wish I had been an art major, soooo bad. Oh well, can’t change the past!

Time for some much needed sleep….but before I do here’s another peony picture….I just can’t get enough of them….peonies everywhere for our wedding!!


Have a great night y’all!

XOXO – Heather Julia

Never give up..

The easiest thing about today is to say ….it was rough. I think we dream of our perfect wedding all our lives and it is so easy to sit around and look at magazines and obsess over Pinterest but the truth is ….going from dreams to reality is not a small step but a giant leap. Sure you can have your dream wedding but now every dream now comes with a price tag and every perfectly made plan isn’t so perfect. Today was not a tragedy, however it is a wake up call that taught me a couple of things. 1) I need to be direct and make sure I am very clear in what I say, no one here is a mind reader. 2) I need to get a thicker skin, if I let myself crumble over the littlest thing- well, I may be called the next Niagra Falls, and 3) drink wine….lots and lots of wine.

okay… so maybe that last one wasn’t a real lesson but it sure sounds good- right?

Enough pity-partying….tomorrow is a beautiful new day and I won’t let stress take over!

On a brighter side….I am not sure if anyone else feels this way but I need a “Wedding Scent” as in…new perfume! A signature smell that celebrates and focuses on how special the next chapter of my life is going to be. I believe I have the perfect one – Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. It is beautifully elegant yet fierce ….traits that I think I need to embrace on this wedding journey. …time to break out my inner rawr ….


XOXO – Heather Julia

Oh hey Monday….

Is it Friday yet?

We all know that this is our favorite day of the week! Actually today wasn’t half bad, work went fairly quickly and Matthew and I went to Panera(love!) then saw The Lone Ranger! It was funny and entertaining, exactly what I needed! I didn’t get home until 9 but these beauties were waiting for me when I did….ahhhhhh…..
These Vino2Go cups are just another one of my recent Groupon purchases. Oh Groupon is an addiction that I will gladly hold on to! Unfortunately I didn’t have any good wine to try with my new glasses(the horror!) but I tuned into my guilty pleasure Mistresses on ABC..and I quickly got over not having wine. It certainly isn’t an in depth quality show but it is exactly what I need this summer as I wait for my regular shows come back. And yes, I will admit….I have an addiction to Grey’s Anatomy, and now that it shares Airtime with Scandal, Thursdays are the best day of the week!

I could go on…but it is really time for bed. I am exhausted.

Sweet dreams!

XOXO – Heather Julia

All play and no work…

Well, the plan be productive and do more cleaning today did not happen …and not one care was given. Besides, isn’t Sunday a code word for “Lazy Day”? Perhaps that is just my wishful thinking….

BUT wedding wise it was fairly successful. We have chosen our colors: navy and pink! Hopefully we don’t sway too far from this combination by the end of all if this, these colors look so amazing together… I even put together a “dream board” ie. how I see this wedding looking.


In the left hand corner is Regents Glen golf course in York….we have not visited it yet but it is more beautiful than anything else I have seen in central PA. Naturally I would find a romantic, beautiful venue like this, it was calling my name! We still have to go around And visit several of the venues in the area but I would be lying if I said any other place had a chance in comparison. The grey bridesmaid dress is by far my favorite so far, Brittany found it no has been at the top of my list. It is a new design by Mori Lee. The only thing we need to do is have my bridesmaids go in and try it on, you never know how it would look on different body types.

And then there is the dress….THE wedding dress of my dreams! Also by Mori Lee, this dress deserves some extra blog lovin’ ….



How darling is that!? I am not sure how it will look on, but in this picture it is everything a dress of my dreams would be. I love the lace because it is not all over lace. It is classic, elegant, and just glistens with romantic elegance….

The girl’s dresses will be navy; the dark neutral color will be perfect for the Mori Lee dress as it has a lot going on in the dress so the navy brings a touch of class to the whimsical design. Also, I wanted the dresses to be a more neutral color because I really want to play up the accessories. Without a doubt they will be wearing long multi-strand pearl necklaces to accent the sweetheart neckline and oh my goodness the SHOES…..the SHOES …..the ultimate show stoppers ….they will be BRIGHT pink. As in …don’t stare too long or this pink may burn your eyes bright… (Ha ha) That may be slightly dramatic but I really want to use pink and the dramatic accent color.



… paradise would consist of just these shoes…..ahhhhh oh so glamorous!

XOXO – Heather Julia